Albertans with valid Alberta health care coverage can benefit free of charge from certain pharmacy services, making it easier for you to access primary health care. You will be encouraged to discuss the services they offer with your pharmacist. Since the announcement, pharmacists have approached ACP countries to share their concerns about the impact of the agreement on their ability to support their patients and their livelihoods. Pharmacy funding rates, which will come into effect on May 17, 2018, will remain in effect until March 31, 2022: although the CPA is not legally authorized to set professional fees, set fee guidelines or negotiate professional fees, we understand the concerns expressed by pharmacists. Many pharmacists approached the college to share the impact of the agreement on access to services that are important for certain segments of the population, particularly vulnerable groups. A compound prescription is a drug specially prepared by the pharmacy for your use. The next step will be to meet with ACP countries with RxA and other stakeholders to learn more about how the public, health system and profession will be affected by this new agreement. If the compound prescription is not manufactured by the pharmacy, but purchased by another pharmacy, the costs include: the college will continue to promote the ethical practice of all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and will help them ensure a safe and efficient supply for each and every family that serves them. These pharmacy services are no substitute for the need for you to see other health care providers, such as Z.B your family doctor. Learn more about pharmacy services, sales and sales costs, and the pharmacy financing framework. ACP was not aware of the negotiation process and learned the details of the contract through the Minister`s press release, as were all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

As many of you know, on February 28, the province announced a new two-year framework funding agreement, established by three agreements, including the guidance at the end of the page for calculation assumptions. Welcome to the Alberta Drug Price Calculator. To start, enter your medication in the search bar below and click on the entry you want to calculate. You can add multiple items simultaneously and print a full list at the end. If you buy a recipe, the total cost is included: this calculator is based on the prices listed on the alberta Blue Cross Interactive Benefit (iDBL) list. While we strive to keep our information up to date and accurate, there may be problems beyond our control. The data found on iDBL will relay everything that is reported here. We are not responsible for how this information is used – the following considerations should be made when using this website: Other frequent payment (2 to 27 days of delivery): 2 charges per drug per 28 days per patient If you have any questions, concerns or if you wish to report an error, please contact us. The pharmacy funding framework between the Department of Health, the Alberta Pharmacists Association and Alberta Blue Cross is extended by two years and expires on March 31, 2022.