The agreement is essentially in line with the Economic Partnership Agreement reached in February 2019 between the European Union and Japan. [11] Like its predecessor, the EPA between Japan and the United Kingdom contains no provision for resolving investor-state disputes. However, both parties have introduced a review clause for the Multilateral Investment Tribunal, which would trigger a review process as part of the Japan-UK agreement to assess its impact on the provisions of the agreement. Unlike the EU, which has in the past refused to engage in discussions on audiovisual services for cultural reasons, Japan and the United Kingdom have agreed to launch cooperation in the field of audiovisual services under the agreement. This is a change for the UK creative sector, which has generally been less involved in trade discussions. The agreement „provides more flexibility for Japanese and British companies“ to transfer talent to each country, covering a number of British professionals for entry to Japan, from IT services to construction. This includes a commitment that visa requirements will be „clear, transparent and with the aim of being dealt with in 90 days.“ Japan has expanded the scope of the ICT category and investor definitions have been modified to focus on investment as an activity and not on the amount of capital invested. Transfers from Japan to the UK are already subject to internal transfer rules, which will be improved in January as part of the delivery of the UK immigration system in 2021. The UK Youth Mobility Programme already covers Japan.

On 23 October 2020, following the negotiations, Japan and the United Kingdom (UK) signed the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) on 11 September 2020. In her comments following the signing of the EPA, UK International Trade Minister Liz Truss MP spoke explicitly about the historic nature of the EPA, one of the first free trade agreements signed by the United Kingdom, which goes beyond the European Union (EU) agreement it replaces. The UK-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement協済 括 is a free trade agreement between the UNITED Kingdom and Japan. [1] [2] The agreement was reached by both parties in September 2020 and signed in Tokyo in October 2020, after the UK left the European Union in January 2020.