(2) As is the case in this chapter, a „local government unit“ refers to the political sub-division or political entity empowered to execute a cooperation agreement in accordance with this chapter. This agreement can be carried out in any number of counterparties, and each of these counterparties is considered an original instrument, but all of these combined counterparties are only an agreement. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have implemented this cooperation agreement effective on the date mentioned above. (3) Consequences for the association, the organization or the individual, public or private, in the event of delay or failure on the part of the association, society or individual, which include, if necessary, the reimbursement to the local public authority of rebates, tax credits or other incentives or expenses incurred. A.(1) In accordance with Article VII, paragraph 14, paragraph C of the Louisiana Constitution, political subdivisions and political capital companies may enter into a cooperation agreement with a public or private association, company or individual to carry out a local infrastructure project with a view to achieving a public purpose. All capital improvements must turn to public ownership and local infrastructure projects, as approved in this chapter. C. The Cooperation Agreement sets out in detail the following points: B. This cooperation agreement may provide for the investment, collateral, use or deposit of private funds and the guarantee of certain financial obligations by the public or private association, a company or an individual for certain financial obligations, in order to achieve the objectives set out in the agreement. The agreement outlines how the donation to the project will lead to the promotion of a public purpose of the local government authority. We believe that the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement has done little to improve HANO operations and improve housing quality over the past five years.

HUD`s pursuit of the Endeavor Cooperative agreement beyond contractual and intentional life is an admission that HUD already acknowledges that HANO cannot work alone. After a brief discussion, a request by Mr. Kinchen, seconded by Mr. Cox to adopt the Resolution of the Board of Directors, was continued with the Transfer Act with restrictive alliances and concluded the agreement with the Endeavor Cooperative as it was presented. (2) Evidence of the justified expectations that the benefits that the local public body receives from the donation are local tax cuts, tax credits or other incentives to the project equal or beyond. Mr. Kinchen has put in place an Endeavor cooperative agreement between the Livingston Parish School Board and the City of Albany for the construction and maintenance of a communal park.