If so, is it better to collect the PPCs and have SS removed (if Canada does) or to have the CPP removed from SS? I realize that somehow I can collect AEOs, and I also have a public pension for which I took early retirement (teaching in the United States) that I received last year because I needed it. I arrived in Canada at 26, I will be 65 65 in May 2020. I am only 7 years old in Great Britain and I will not be able to benefit from a British pension. How much will I receive in Canada and should I wait a few more years? I am baffled by the eligible deadlines. Please specify for me (or indicate a link to information): 1) Whether the period during which I worked in Romania and contributed to the retirement plan before becoming a Canadian citizen would be considered a year of residence in Canada in order to meet the minimum qualification requirements for the OAS (20 years if I live abroad) 2) would be a future period, where I have to leave Canada and live abroad (in Romania), provided I contribute to the Romanian retirement plan Thank you very much! Nick Hi Peter – To obtain the full OAS, you must live in Canada for 40 years after the age of 18 and before receiving the OAS. Once you start getting a partial AEO, it will not be increased for each additional year of stay. Hello. I am Canadian and I worked in Quebec for 40 years. I have been living in the United States for 6 years and plan to return to Canada. When I apply for my Quebec pension, do you know if what I contributed to U.S.

Social Security will be used to calculate my final retirement from Quebec? Thank you Doug, As a follow-up, my income in 2014 &5 was close to the maximum clawback level, but in 2016 (first real year of retirement and entitlement to benefits), I assume my income will be less than $78k minimum clawback level. Is there a way to ask them to use my estimated income for the calculation of the recovery, so that I can live on the benefit in 2016, instead of having a „windfall“ relocation in March 2017, if I do my taxes? Thank you again for your help b Please help (or give a link to the information) on the following issue: I am trying to assess my AEO perspectives. .