We use agreements with customer resources, incident types and price lists to set up this scenario. Tip: Contract booking data is generated by the background workflow. I found that it could take some time for the necessary deadlines and work orders to be established. You may need to be patient. In the Billing Products section, add the products you want to charge to The Debitor on a regular basis. The price of billing products is derived from the agreement`s price list. System status: defines whether the agreement is running. Set the treasures as you create a new chord and add details. We will later bet on Active when we are ready to start executing work orders and sending invoices. In addition to a reservation system, each agreement can also, as an option, be equipped with a billing device. Each billing establishment contains one or more billing products.

Both the agreement booking settings and the schedule for calculating the agreement can be repeated. You can have an annual agreement on the weekly service of a device. B but you charge every month. It is possible to import a booking resumption model for an agreement booking establishment (OMT) or an accounting agreement institution (AIS). Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service helps maximize customer satisfaction and improve resource productivity for on-site installation, maintenance and repair. This only applies to organizations that provide field-based services to their clients. If you`ve opted for the Auto Generate Bookings agreement, work orders are scheduled on the preferred resource when work orders are generated. Review – Bill: The back office verifies and approves the completed work. From there, an invoice can be sent, rolling adjustments can be made, etc.

Beyond the immediately contained functionality of the basic lifecycle for work orders, Field Service can be automated to include trigger notifications, integrate into an ERP or accounting application, and use it in conjunction with a customer-oriented portal. Field Service enables businesses to improve their initial fixing rate, complete more service calls per technician per week, reduce travel time and mileage, organize and track customer issues, and keep customers informed of the status of their service call. As this agreement is already active, billing data is generated in a short time, but not immediately.