What does the DG propose? DG Aircraft Manufacturing will continue to provide full support to Glaser Dirks` DG gliding, provided that the owners of these gliding aircraft enter into a „service/support“ contract with the company and agree to pay an annual fee to dg Flugzeugbau to cover the costs of providing and maintaining the same level of customer service that DG has provided on an F.O.C basis over the past 14 years. Since all new glirs are built outside the UK and the majority of used gliding are on sale outside the UK, there may be additional complications when importing. There are similar considerations in selling a glider. There are some very useful instructions in the BGA publication „Buying and Selling a Glider“. There is no doubt that the sale of a very expensive new aircraft entails considerable responsibility in after-sales service. We take that for granted; For the aircraft of DG Flugzeugbau GmbH since 1996, about 700 in total, nothing changes. (this support is transferable if one of these gliding is sold a posteriori!) Gliders are owned and operated by clubs, or within a one-person club or union where a number of pilots partner to own a glider. The obvious benefits of sharing a union`s costs are outweighed by the need to share available flights. Conversation with other pilot owners gives you the best advice on whether owning your own glider is the right path for you or not.

However, to help you keep your aircraft in flying condition and in good condition, we offer you a service contract for an annual fee. From 2010, all support services for glaser-Dirks and Rolladen-Schneider aircraft are only possible through this service contract, which has existed since 2010. In most cases, gliding unions work very well. A written union agreement clarifying the functioning of the union from a practical and financial point of view, including details such as insurance rights and the sale of a union action, can be particularly useful. There is a preferential subscription right, which allows union members to acquire a member`s share wishing to sell it. This would require the exercise of a veto. The price of gliders varies in a wide range to meet most pockets, from a small proportion of a wooden/older glider to a high-performance racing machine. To reduce costs, most private gliding boats belong to a group of people called a union. Some unions operate with fixed costs per month to cover expected insurance and maintenance costs. Some unions charge a fee when they occur.

If you`d like to see carefully evaluated design and performance details for some of the usual older gliding glirs in the used gliding market, take a look at the Dick Johnson flight test reports linked by the SSA site. What will happen if the glider is sold or removed from operation? In these cases, the contract can be terminated until the end of the year if the new customers also conclude a contract. Once the agreement is concluded, it should be signed and dated by all union members. The original agreement should be kept at the same time as the other aircraft documents, with each member having a copy. As soon as you are alone and thinking about flying cross-country, you may also be wondering the advantages and disadvantages of a glider. Here are a few things to ponder: There are also provisions that allow union members to buy a member`s share if certain events were to happen.