Subject to these conditions and the payment of the current service charge, the Supplier grants the Customer and its authorized users a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-conceded license, a single copy of a portion of the Content only for your personal and non-commercial use, if you retain all author and ownership references contained in that part of the Content. The project owner is solely responsible for obtaining all rights, licenses, agreements, authorizations and consents, under any name, for advertising, publication, reproduction, distribution, modification, adaptation, preparation of derivative works, realization, use, processing and use of all client data published in the project, whether published by the project owner or by a third party. The following rules only apply if you purchase access to Crowdin`s services directly from the provider. If you have access to Crowdin`s services through a reseller, the terms of payment are specified in the agreement with your dealer. Subject to these conditions and the payment of the applicable service fee, the Supplier grants the Customer and its authorized users a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-exclusive, non-exclusive license for the use of Crowdin`s services: These conditions are the entirety of the agreement between the Customer and the Supplier regarding the customer`s use of Crowdin`s services and replaces all pre- and final agreements, proposals or assurances, written or oral. Unless otherwise made, no amendment, amendment or waiver of a provision of these conditions takes effect, unless they are signed in writing and by the party against which the amendment, amendment or exemption must be invoked. The customer or user (as appropriate) understands and accepts that all customer data published publicly and/or via public projects on the Crowdin platform can be accessed by others and that the customer or user agrees to allow others to view and use that data. The customer or user herein grants the supplier and other customers a free, irrevocable, non-exclusive and free license under all the rights required to integrate, publish, reproduce, distribute, adapt, prepare, publish, perform, use and use works derived from this customer data, unless otherwise stated in a written contract between the customer or user and a corresponding party. The customer or user (if any) grants the Supplier a free indefinite, irrevocable, non-exclusive, free license, among all the rights necessary to integrate, publish, reproduce, modify, modify, adapt, use works derived from, public display, public performance, use and use. . IN NO EVENT, THE AGGREGATES LIABILITED OF CROWDIN AND ITS AFFILIATES ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THESE TERMS EXCEED THE TOTAL AMOUNT PAID BY CLIENT HEREUNDER FOR THE CROWDIN SERVICES GIVING RISE TO THE SIX MONTHS PRECEDING THE FIRST INCIDENT OUT OF WHICH THE LIABILITY AROSE.

THE ACTION LIMIT IS WHETHER AN ACTION IS IN CONTRACT ODER WRONG AND REGARDLESS OF THE THEORY OF LIABILITY, BUT WILL NOT LIMIT CLIENT`S PAYMENT OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE „PAYMENT SECTION ABOVE“. Any commercial or advertising disclosure, publication or use of Crowdin`s documents is strictly prohibited, unless you have received express written permission from the Supplier or otherwise applicable rights holder.