As we wrote in a previous article, there is another type of real estate contract. In that case, it would be an exclusive case. In which the seller, contrary to what is not exclusive, grants the real estate agency the full right to sell the property with total exclusivity. Neither the seller nor any other agency can sell the property. It goes without saying that this type of contract is set for a fixed period of time and in a manner agreed upon by both parties. A license can also take a balance between exclusive and non-exclusive. Such a license is sometimes referred to as „exclusive“ and is a license in which the donor licenses more than one licensee, but accepts that it grants licenses only to a limited group of other takers. The group of licensees can be identified on the basis of name, description (a license is only granted to takers who meet certain criteria) or simply to the number (a limited number of licenses is granted by the donor). From time to time, especially in the context of cooperation with U.S. companies, a license can be expressed as „alone and exclusive.“ Since these two terms do not necessarily mean the same thing, it is best not to press a license in this way.

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