In the event that PayPal assumes, at its sole discretion, that a high risk is related to your business, your bank-sponsored merchant account, your PayPal account or your transactions, you must duly request PayPal an irrevocable letter of credit (the „letter of credit“ pending) in the amount requested by PayPal (the „letter of credit“). , with PayPal, Inc. as the beneficiary, by an acceptable bank and in a form and content that, at its sole discretion and within five (5) business days following the PayPal request, can PayPal satisfactorily. If PayPal finds that the amount of the letter of credit does not cover the potential risk of PayPal related to the settlement of your transactions or any other contract you have entered into and PayPal, you agree to amend the accreditor or insure a credit supplement. , within five (5) working days following our written request, up to such an exhibition. „Payment processing services“ are services that you can use to accept payments from your customers for transactions, perform other financial transactions, manage subscriptions and make transaction reports. Supplier responsibility: As explained above, „rehabilitation“ is a recurring topic in the evaluation of a payment settlement contract. As part of the liability, check whether your payment settlement contract makes your bank and liquidator liable for violations committed in their systems, whether they are required to compensate you for damages related to such an infringement, and whether a ceiling applicable to their harm is comparable to a ceiling applicable to the harm suffered by the merchant. There are no plans to transfer and process specific categories of data. If PayPal is aware of a security incident related to the processing of the customer`s data and there is a reasonable likelihood of having a significant impact on a substantial portion of the PayPal systems related to payment processing services available to you, PayPal, in accordance with data protection legislation: a) inform you immediately and immediately of the security incident; and (b) take immediate and appropriate steps to minimize damage and ensure the security of customer data. Section 4.5 Determination and management of transaction authorization criteria. Wells Fargo Bank sets and manages transaction authorization criteria in good faith at its discretion.

Without restricting the universality of the above, Wells Fargo Bank may modify all transaction authorization criteria (i) on the basis of written information from the association concerned, in order to maintain membership in a processing organization of which Wells Fargo Bank is or will be affiliated (i.e. VISA, MasterCard or an automated clearing house); (ii) it is reasonably necessary, after consultation with counsel, to remain within the limits of applicable laws, including international, federal and state laws, rules and regulations. We may also cancel a payment if you accept payments for products or services (including events such as concerts) that are not to be delivered immediately to the customer. If you want to accept payments related to these types of pre-orders, you should first contact us. This document outlines the terms and conditions that apply when you use your Revolut Business account to settle payment transactions. We call it our „payment terms“ (or only the „conditions“ in this document). You also cannot interest on the proceeds of payments that were processed for you when using the Services until they are classified in your payment account and are free of a reserve. (Even then, they may be relapsed on our part under these conditions.) „payment rules,“ guidelines, statutes, rules and regulations imposed by payment method providers and acquirers who operate payment methods supported by Stripe (including payment card network operating rules („network rules“) applicable to Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express networks, as well as DHA network operating rules applicable to the ACH network.