Do you use one of the easiest sources for inexpensive quality leads out there? According to the latest statistics, agent-to-agent recommendations are a growing source of revenue for agents throughout North America. Let`s take a look at how real estate recommendations work, what are the typical fees and what are the most frequently asked questions about real estate recommendation fees. I`m a newly licensed real estate agent. I own and lease real estate in another state where I am not licensed. My current tenant wants to buy the property. I want to sell. What is the cleanest way to do this between us, with a minimum agent or referral fee? Even considering that, I would make a 1031. Do I have to pay a flat fee to a lawyer re or a list agent? Hello, I need advice quickly, but maybe you`ll see this and respond: I`m a broker and I took a „limited service“ list for 4% in total – 1% for me plus 3% for the broker/purchase agent. The list agreement also provides that if I sell the property myself without a buyer`s representative, the total commission drops to 3%, but everything is payable to me. The property turned out to be hotter than expected and we have several offers that can lead to a multiple counter-offer scenario. I am familiar with this, but I have also received a request from an unrepresented buyer who would like to see the house and perhaps make an offer. I am reluctant to do so, but would it be acceptable in this situation to make limited duly duly agencies? Or would it be better to refer the „unrepresented buyer“ to an agent to write his offer, and can I receive a referral fee? In this case, I will receive my 1% plus the 25% transfer fee of their 3%.

In any case, there would be full disclosure, written consent, and I would continue all offers to sellers. I`m licensed at PA. I highly recommend not to put your license in trust here. Not only do you have to pay to withdraw it, but you also have to take/recover your CE credits. Right now, I have my license sitting in a referral brokerage, which was set up by my employer exclusively for those of us who do not act as agents (I`m in marketing just) The bad news is that referral fees are usually paid by the title company, not by the broker. This means that if the securities company reduces commission controls, it cuts a third check for your broker in addition to the buyers and sellers brokers. If this was not done, it is more than likely that the title company did not know that there was a recommendation for your transaction. What if the buyer I mentioned enters into an agent other than the one I had with the recommendation agreement? Thank you very much for this question.