It has been reported that excessive use of SNS in turn affects individuals` performance in real life [5]. The new generation of children and teens is growing up with social media as an integral part of their lives. It is changing the way they interact with their peers, their parents, and the way they use technology.[18] People who overuse SNS reported feeling unproductive and distracted at school, work and in relationships [5]. Instead of focusing on work, school and family, young people today spend most of their time online. As a result of the time spent by SNS youth, they tend to neglect obligations. It has been reported that this negatively affects the lives of young people and their relationships with families. When respondents were asked if they had found their life partner on the SNS, the answers were interesting. According to the data, 1.7% agreed, 25.7% agreed, 14.3% were neutral, 31.4% disagreed and 26.9% disagreed. Previous studies show that very few social media users say that finding potential romantic partners or people plays a role in using these sites [1]. This is especially true for young people who spend hours on the SNS and are totally unaware of real relationships. According to research conducted in the context of the United States, Americans have been socially isolated in recent decades. It has been reported that social groups of people in America have declined. In particular, it is assumed that Americans have fewer close ties to those in their neighborhood and voluntary associations [19].

Without direct interaction with people, no channel can succeed, and that`s the purpose of media – getting first-hand information and then spreading it to solve relevant problems. Respondents were asked that they see social media as a good way to enjoy leisure or alone. According to the data, 53.1% agreed, 36.0% agreed, 9.7% were neutral, 0.6% disagreed and 6% strongly agreed. Respondents were asked if they were aware of the global scenario. According to the data, 42.9% agreed, 46.9% agreed and 10.3% were neutral. Source: survey. Whether it`s print, electronic or social media, it helps people know the truth and they can better judge a saturation. When video clips and images are broadcast by journalists or responsible citizens, it helps them to assess the real situation. Many studies have shown that large-scale use of social media can actually cause addiction to users. During their day, they feel like they are posting something on their pages or checking out other contributions, as it has become an important part of our lives.