GlobalCOAL SCoTA Crash Courses cover everything you need to know to safely participate in the international coal market. The following tables summarize the coal quality specifications listed in SCoTA. Look at our calculators put coal to calculate the CSR and the final price of the coal delivered. The following brands are available to HCCA Branded Transactions specifications: Goonyella, Moranbah North, Illawarra, Oaky Creek, North Goonyella Each „Branded Metallurgical Coal“ in the sense of HCCA RSS. Global Coal released its version 8 of SCoTA („V.8“ on September 16, 2011, making major changes to the structure and terms of the SCoTA contract. V.8 will be going live to the screen trade on February 26, 2012, but by then, Global Coal V.8 members will have to perform with other members they wish to deal with. SCoTA combines a unique and accepted set of standard conditions, as well as a set of specifications for coal quality and delivery points for the international sale and purchase of coal. This allows market participants to focus on the concentration of negotiations, which is the most important thing: pricing. Since its launch in 2001, globalCOAL`s Standard Coal Trading Agreement (SCoTA) has revolutionized the international coal trade. SCoTA allows users to buy and sell physical coal loads quickly, efficiently and with limited base risk. To download the contract and use it in bilateral coal sales and purchase transactions, you are first asked to sign the GlobalCOAL Licensing Agreement (PLA). † courses are held regularly in the main centres of the world coal trade. SCoTA is a living document.

It is continually refined and updated in close collaboration with the industry. In this way, it remains relevant, effective and easily opens up new market prospects. Please note that this information is only a summary that should only be used in association with SCoTA. You can download the contractDownload the contract completely using a licensed user. Please note that the following information provides only a brief overview of V.8. It does not provide legal advice on all issues created by V.8. SCoTA is copyrighted and copies can be obtained from Global Coal if they agree to the terms of their product licensing agreement. „News feeds are extremely relevant. They deal with both legislative and judicial updates and provide an experienced and thoughtful analysis of trends or trends. The articles are all very well done and offer a practical point of view, not just academic. Most subjects have at least 3-5 articles from different law firms, so there is the possibility to read different perspectives and analyses. Price adjustments apply to the following parameters: Stephenson Harwood is preparing a more detailed guide to SCoTA 8 for customers. Once you are a licensed user, you have access to our dedicated customer portal, where you can download the entire contract.

These links to external sources serve only as a reference and are updated from October 9, 2019 For (1) or (2) as they are reintroduced Events of the standard situation must be a choice in accordance with Schedule 6. A change to an existing default means that the time frame can be changed before a credit support document expires or closes with Schedule 6. The meaning and identification of what are or are significant adverse changes can also be chosen in accordance with Schedule 6. Definitions of the credit support document (formerly performance insurance), credit service providers and cross thresholds have been amended to include the reference to options in Schedule 6. Access to SCoTA is free. SCoTA is a registered trademark and globalCOAL holds intellectual property rights to SCoTA.