Therefore, the optional period could be provided for either in the employment contract itself or within the framework of the collective agreement in force. For a long time, a number of collective agreements have provided for specific rules for the renewal and end of the trial period. Support full of classic problems in the technology considered. General characteristics: with the help of a manager, the search for solutions based on coherent approaches that lead to political systems or the definition of the environment, including cost and time considerations. Divide the problem into secondary themes for the other collaborators with whom it is implemented, leadership, coordination, support, advice and training. Activity accounts in a completed form (files, search reports). Extended autonomy, quality work is more an area of evaluation than conformity control. This function is filled with knowledge corresponding to the level of training of the third national training. ETAM, whose functions are permanently classified in different categories, is classified in the highest category of these categories. SYNTEC ETAM Grid Classification – Advanced Design or Management of FunctionsCoefficientPositionInfining Jobs4003- 1Prostrovation Features requires knowledge on how to solve a limited number of complete problems of common methods and processes practiced by the agent. Accounting: Senior Accountant Tiping Secretariat: Senior Secretary or Management: Programming Entry, Programming Entrance, Senior Specialist in Programming Analysis: Senior Technician, Senior Technical Specialist, Senior Technical Specialist, Head of Training Control Team: Senior Training Specialist: Projector Work Control: Main Meter (meters, meters) 4503-2B Functional framework requires knowledge of a common method of problem solving that will be solved by a resol method Common use of the 1995 problems.

but necessary, because of their number and diversity of experience. Accounting: Senior Accountant Computer: Programming Input, Senior Programming Engineer Analysis Operation: Senior Technician, Group Leader Training Office: Senior Technician, Group Leader Designers: Projector Work Management: Meter Controller Work: Basic Meter Technician (Head Meter, meter) 5003-3The activity is required, in addition to knowledge specific to previous levels, adaptability to problems with a certain technical level. Accounting Secretariat: Senior Accountant Type Secretariat: Senior Secretary or IT Management: Programming Entry, Senior Operations Programming Technician: Senior Technician, Room Manager or Workshop Group Training Management: Chief Technician, Room Manager or Workshop Designer: Projector or Group Manager: or the executive, whose functions are permanently in different categories, is considered to be the highest category of these categories. .