Access and use of the network by third parties – A computer connected by people or persons who are not connected to Weber State University (i.e. no student, teacher or collaborator) to the university`s professional or academic network. 10.2 Waiver. The inability of a party to enforce one of the provisions of this agreement is not construed as a waiver of that party`s right to apply those provisions. In general, services provided by third-party network connections should be limited to the necessary services and only the necessary devices. Access to the cap is not granted to anyone. The default position of the procedure is to deny access and to allow only the specific services required and approved by appalachian State University in accordance with the defined procedure. The objective is to ensure a secure network connectivity method between Appalas State University and all third parties and to provide a formalized method for requiring, approving and tracking these connections. Purpose: To ensure the provision of a secure connection method between Appalas State University and the company, and to provide guidelines for the use of network and computer resources related to the network connection, as defined below. 5.1 Third parties will follow the conditions of all local, state and federal guidelines, procedures, guidelines, standards, standards and regulations applicable when using devices connected to the university network.

5.2 Implement security software, hardware settings, patches and protocols recommended on end-user devices before using this device to access the university`s network. 5.3 Sign up with the Data Security Administrator before trying to access the university`s network by direct connection or remote access. 5.4 Immediately report to the IT division (626-7777) any known abuse or abuse of the university network or related equipment. 3.1 Enforcement services and software available to third-party users who link to the university network are limited to those required to carry out their contract and complete the work. Third NameManagement Contact (name, phone number, email address)Location (address) the end point of the network connection (including building number, floor and room number)Main telephone numberSeor assistance (7X24, etc.). Host names/third-party domain names (email addresses, phone numbers) of all third-party employees who use this access.