In the list, select the product you want to include in the agreement. Write down the product you`ve chosen. I also posted the records in postTargetProcess (), because when a new line arrives, after inserting the lines into the newly created book sheet, this postTargetProcess () sheet is called and the book sheet. Expected result: The discount contract for several lines is established and the discount amount is set at $4 for all items in the „01“ discount group that are selected in the agreement and apply to `US-001` debitors. Two percentages of discounts are also set. The percentage of discount 1 is set at 3% and the percentage of discounts 2 to 4%. It is valid for the quantity between 50 and 99 and valid between 17-05-2020 and 16-05-2021. One thing that Dynamics 365 users/solution analysts have forgotten quite often, is that the decimal configuration on the unit of measurement will have an impact on the trading agreement. If you have to set up prices/discounts for a partial unit of a product (half a roll, a quarter drop, etc.), you cannot do so if the unit of measurement is configured with a decimal position of 0. When trade agreements are established and accounted for, trade agreement data are included in the following OTE tables. These are very useful for adapting or solving technical problems that arise in the agreements. Once the system settings are complete, we are good at establishing trade agreements.

The trade agreement can be created using the following path in the system: If you use global discounts, you must switch to „Yes“ „Calculate the total discount when booking.“ Otherwise, the system does not apply the overall rebate, even if there are valid discount registrations. i. Note that there is a code or group option in the input. This field is not included in standard discount forms. You need to set it up from the „View Details“ form on the book sheet. It is not recommended to use this feature. 2. The form is open, where you can see all the open logs currently available in the system.

These are nothing but records that have been created but have not yet been reserved. Details on the edition of booked magazines and other important utility features of trade agreements can be found in the next blog post. Another thing that is often forgotten is to define the trade agreement and calculate the associated parameters. The Price tab for AP and AR settings contains the settings for supplements and discounts. Previous article: Trade agreements (price agreement/discounts) in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – Setup Expected result: The price sale contract is established and the sale price of Article 1000 is set at USD 15, which applies to all debtors. This is valid for the quantity up to 10 and valid between 17-05-2020 and 28-05-2021. In case of discrepancies after booking the check-in, it can be corrected by editing the registration. 23. Find next: It is used to find the valid trade agreement for the combination (order) that requires the price or discount. If the search engine finds the trade agreement for the combination and the „Next Search“ option is chosen for this trade agreement, the search for a combination of specific agreements will continue. The search is completed when all combinations are searched or if a valid trading agreement is found, for which the next Search option is removed. If several trade agreements are found, appropriate action will be taken, depending on whether the price is charged or the rebates are granted.