As a general rule, there is a special section in the agreement that contains details of the UDS action, which is often expressed as a percentage (z.B. 0.75 per cent). or in precise terms of square feet. Make sure the agreement speaks clearly of your undivided share in the country. The same number should be mentioned in the title name when the registration takes place. Because it is your right: since the value of your property is determined in the first place by your undivided share of land in an apartment building, it is needed to say that the utmost care must be taken into account to ensure that the sale is clearly mentioned in the contractor-buyer agreement. If your personal calculation is different from the developer`s in this regard, you have the right to confront it and correct the error. the conditions of age must be correct and apply to the purpose of the agreement. So be careful if you agree. If the owner has admitted in writing that he will increase after the completeness of the phase, then you can reach an agreement because he is bound by the agreement to accomplish his part. I bought 2 bhk apartment at CasaGrand Hoody.

Now in agreement copy you did not mention UDS -Undivided Share Country. When I inquired about this Casagrand executive, she replied, in accordance with the new guild lines of the RERA Act, that they did not require UDS in accordance with mension. You said that at the time of possession, we would pass letters on to the authority and to me. This letter mentions the UDS. The sum of all the undivided shares must correspond to the size of the land in which the dwellings are built. The more you buy from UDS, the better value for money in the future. In the case of co-operative companies, the UDs will be on behalf of the company, since the owners of the units are the shareholders of the company. Otherwise, homeowners should check their share of UDS in the sales contract.

In a standard buyer-seller or owner-buyer agreement, a buyer`s undivided share of the land is clearly mentioned, either as a percentage (for example. B 1 per cent), or in a specific area (for example. B 500 sqft). To make sure you get your rightful share in this case, you could do simple maths and punctuate about it.