Before imposing sanctions under this Directive, staff members shall have all due process rights to which they are entitled under their contracts or the provisions of the Kansas Act. Nothing in this policy is intended to restrict the borough`s right to take further disciplinary action. This Directive is not intended to alter the rights, obligations or responsibilities in the agreement under negotiation. the workers` compensation plan provides qualified workers with covered medical expenses and wages to the extent prescribed by law; However, the amount of workers` allowances and paid leave benefits must not exceed a normal daily wage. A worker who takes paid leave in combination with work allowance will be charged, for each day of absence until the paid leave is exhausted, for one full or part day of paid leave by the worker, as provided for in the current Leave Directive or the negotiated agreement. This directive aims to transpose the requirements of federal legislation adopted under the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988. There are no plans to replace or reduce disciplinary measures that may be taken under the directives of the Board of Directors or the negotiated agreement. The Management Board may announce its ratification of the Agreement. „school resource officer“ means a police officer or police officer who is employed by a local law enforcement agency and who is assigned to a district by an agreement between the local law enforcement authorities and the district. The board will not take action against the entire „package of agreements“ until the teachers` association reacts to the same set of agreements. If the Board of Directors and the Teachers` Association have not reached an agreement after the deadlock proceedings, the Board of Directors shall take steps to close the case in accordance with the legal provisions.

An application for school equipment is only accepted when the applicant has entered into a user agreement stipulating that that person agrees to pay the fair market value of the district for all equipment that has lost, stolen or suffered irreparable damage while in the applicant`s custody. For the purposes of this Directive, the term `irreparable damage` shall cover all damage which is so serious that the cost of repairing such equipment would be greater than the fair value of the equipment. If the school equipment is damaged beyond normal wear and tear and acceptable use, the applicant shall bear the costs of repairing such equipment. The borough may also request the purchase of insurance. In situations where a student`s parents are divorced or separated, each parent, with or without custody, has the same rights to their child`s recordings, unless otherwise provided by a court order. Private agreements between the student`s parents are not recognized by district staff. The Board of Directors reviews the termination of a certified employee, which is submitted in writing to the Board of Directors.